Factory Operation and Facilities


With our manufacturing facility based in China and our Head Office in the UK, we are able to offer sales, R&D, manufacturing, supply and support to our customers worldwide.

Our manufacturing facility team has a wealth of experience and skills in metal cutting and polishing, glass processing, specified crystal making, wood work and grinding, LED materials, shade manufacturing, PVC finishing, automated and manual assembly, chrome plating and painting. Our team have strong ability and expertise to interpret and produce any lighting design no matter grand or small, intricate or basic.

From the design, development and manufacture of products to special accessories and installation, we provide a complete range of services in order to meet the needs of every customer.

Sheet metal cutting, pressing, moulding and hand polishing

Full range of chrome and electro plating solutions available for various finishing requirements

Woodworking workshop available with cutting, shaping and carving of various wood designs